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Do not think that being a fish is so easy and simple. That is think for yourself, if you are a resident of the sea, then you have no rights, there are no laws in your life, now you speak for yourself and your job is to fight for your own life, or you will be killed and sediny. In our game you fight for your life, playing for our hero Pedro. It's a simple fisherman who is quite standard. But once in his life took a completely impossible for the average person event. There was a simple day. Which was no different from the others, he is our friend, sitting quietly on the bridge to the water and caught fish on a fishing rod for his wife to cook delicious th, hearty dinner of his catch. All would be fine if he did not see how the water is moving away something very big right in his direction, and he did the only thing left prygunl from the bridge into the water. Since literally a second bridge after it was destroyed from the face of the earth huge, bloodthirsty shark that looks more like a dinosaur than a fish. The size of a huge cruise ship he destroyed everything in its path. You, as a loyal friend Pedro to help him escape from this horrible monster. Overcome pieces of wood and drawers scattered in the water and run without looking back. If you survive you will be very well rewarded and will get on TV to tell everyone what you saw.. I-play ang laro Paranormal Aktibidad Shark online.

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  • Game Paranormal Aktibidad Shark Idinagdag: 09.11.2013
  • Sukat ng laro: 2.49 MB
  • Ang laro ay nilalaro: 1575 beses
  • Game Rating: 4.49 out 5 (37 mga pagtatantya)

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